Our story so far

Design by Us was established in 1999 by Rasmus Larsson as a playground for imaginative and untraditional approaches to how lighting and interior designs should be created. Today, we have our own design vocabulary and our inspiration is derived from fashion and fantasy along with a great dose of humor and curiosity.

Design by Us is all about Fashion & Fantasy. From the very beginning, our designs have always been inspired by the catwalk. The fashion industry is bold and expressive and this is inspirational when developing designs in Design by Us. We are all about challenging your perception of design – turn the obvious upside down and twist it.

“In the service of good taste”
– Rasmus Larsson

We are driven
by passion

Our designs are aesthetically pleasing, humorous, and innovative. We distinguish ourselves with our bold, colourful, and expressive designs, where we embrace the classic Danish design tradition and infuse it with our perspective on function, shapes, and aesthetics.

We design, create, and customize to define the universe of design by combining forms, content, and colours into the unique expressions of Design by Us. We salute the entrepreneurial spirit and the idea of following the desire to create. We have created an illusion of decadence to challenge the intuitive perception of interior design. We want our designs to be recognizable anywhere you see it.

We are designers

All our designs are developed by our inhouse designers, and we are always focused on how to convert our DNA into modern and aesthetic designs.

Colour and form play senior role in our designs and become a powerful tool for interior design constellations as they can transform spaces, and evoke emotions. We strive to create designs that not only expand horizons but also challenge the conventional boundaries of aesthetics and design.

Our hood //
About Cph Nordvest

Our design studio is based in Copenhagen Nordvest in an area that offers a unique blend of history, community, and modern urban life. The cultural diversity contributes to the area’s appeal and make it a vibrant part of the city.

North west has had a very changeable life over the years. Once it was the home of factories, auto services and other workshops, but when larger scale factories took over, this area was associated with a social downturn where the streets were dilapidated with ghostly old factories, small houses and worn-out residential buildings in one strange confusion. 

In just 15 years this hood has experienced a great turn around. This unique neighbourhood is now in high demand. The factories are occupied by smart businesses, galleries, designers, and cafes, but the history can still be felt and has given both the neighbourhood and the architecture a touch of something special.

There is no doubt about it, this is ‘The place to be’.

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