Design by us

We are a small team of highly energetic individuals. We are the entrepreneurs behind creative designs, which are derived from trends and fashion fluctuations. We design, create and costumize – We define the universe of design by combining forms, content and colors into the unique expressions of Design By Us


Design By Us was established in 1999 as a creative platform for the new educated designer Rasmus Larsson. The company where shaped out of an experimental environment and creative playground, where ideas and designs were born and verified. The young designers style was fashionable-modern, humoristic and provocative. Even though Design By Us has expanded into a full-grown design company, those are still the values that defines the company as we know it today.

We are driven by passion

Design by Us is a multidisciplinary design studio that stands out. We challenge the concept of lighting and furniture by adding passion, identity and hand crafted detailing in our design. We are passionate about making an impact on perception of design by being bold and daring.

We are outstanding

‘ We try not to be a typical Scandinavian design company, by using a pallet of design solutions that are more colourful, eye catching and fun. We wish to push our aesthetics away from the mundane and tread in deeper waters, where success is harder to achieve, however greater the prize.’ – DESIGN BY US

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The team

Connect with our team

Founder & designer

Rasmus Larsson

Sales director / Export

Casper Bach

Architects & ProjectS

Line Pries-Reinhold


Benjamin F. Nielsen


Simon Larsen


Sander Hemmsen


Rikke Schradieck


Gabriella Fischer


Martin Nielsen


Ole Givskov

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